Kristian Jambrošić

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Overcoming Acoustic Design Challenges of Historical and Modern Spaces

What are our expectations of acoustics in historical/heritage spaces compared to modern spaces?
How did the development of modern construction technology of buildings change the underlaying acoustics of spaces?
What are the typical design flaws encountered in acoustic design projects?
Is the use of changeable acoustics an universal solution for the acoustical design of multipurpose halls?
What about auralization as a helping tool in the acoustic design process?

Louena Shtrepi

Applied Acoustics Group, Department of Energy “Galileo Ferraris”, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

From real to virtual: Acoustic materials in Architectural Acoustics

Which acoustic materials should we choose? What are the effects of acoustic materials in spaces for different uses?
How did the development of new materials and fabrication techniques change the aesthetics of spaces?
Should we choose sound absorptive or sound diffusive materials? Can we hear their effects?
Is the new frontier of metamaterials applicable to the acoustic performance in more broad building sector context?

Konca Şaher

Interior Arch. & Environmental Design, Kadir Has University, İstanbul, Turkey

Elevating Acoustic Consultancy Through Auralization Experiences

In the realm of acoustic consultancy, the challenge often lies in effectively communicating complex theoretical concepts, acoustic indicators and proposed solutions to clients who may lack technical expertise. Traditional methods such as charts, graphs, and numerical data, while valuable, can sometimes fall short in conveying the experiential aspect of proposed acoustic interventions.
This speech proposes the integration of auralizations in acoustic consultancy practices as a powerful tool for bridging the gap between theory and experience. Auralizations have the potential to enhance client engagement, facilitate decision-making processes, and ultimately lead to more effective acoustic solutions. Through case studies and real-world examples, this speech will showcase the practical benefits of integrating auralizations into acoustic consultancy workflows. It will also discuss potential mishandling, how widely it’s being adopted, how reliable it is, whether it’s worth the cost for smaller companies, and  what the future might holds for the auralizations.