General Guidelines

Extended abstracts should be written according to the below Template including the following headings: abstract, keywords and acknowledgements, introduction, methods, findings and argument, conclusion and references. There is flexibility as to the naming of the sections. Subheadings can be used when necessary.

The extended abstract shall be written in font Trebuchet MS, with 1.1 line spacing and 10 font size. Extended abstracts can contain figures, tables and/or images. Page format should be A4 page written in Microsoft Office WORD, with side Margins top – 35 mm, bottom – 25 mm, left – 25 mm, right – 25 mm; Binding: 0 cm, from the side: Heading – 1 cm and Footnote – 1,2 cm.

Extended abstracts should not exceed 4 pages, including the references. The text of the contribution should be sent in MS Office Word format as “author.doc” or “author.docx” via email to: culik [at]

Template for Extended Abstract

Ο Template-Extended-Abstract-ACOUSTICS-2024.docx

Ο Template-Extended-Abstract-ACOUSTICS-2024.pdf

Recommended Scientific Journals

AKUSTIKA (Studio D – akustika, České Budějovice, Czechia / WOS, Scopus)

Slovak Journal of Civil Engineering (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia / WOS)

Acta Facultatis Xylologiae Zvolen (Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia / WOS, Scopus)

Journal of Mechanical Engineering (Scopus)

Acta Acustica, the Journal of the European Acoustics Association (EAA) (WOS, Scopus)

Acoustics in Practice (European journal of current topics in applied acoustics)